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fast and efficient

We are the transportation specialists for both private and corporate clients. We provide fast, flexible and efficient transportation of all types of vehicles to any desired destination across the whole of Europe. Including vehicles that no longer run, because all our trucks are equipped with a winch. Whether it concerns individual addresses or full loads, safety is always paramount. That is the Wolves W.

The Wolves in 4 steps

01 Transportation throughout the whole of Europe

No destination is too much trouble for us. We find a solution for everything, so we go anywhere.

02 Dedicated drivers

Our drivers are certified and Dutch-speaking. They transport all vehicles efficiently, including electric vehicles.

03 Additional insurance as standard

We supplement the C.M.R./A.V.C. (General Transport) conditions with goods transport insurance as standard. In addition, our drivers photograph all loading and unloading operations.

04 Arrange your transportation online

Convenient online portal for appointments, status updates and documentation. Digital invoicing makes administration easy.

05 Also vehicles that are no longer running

All our trucks are equipped with a winch. Do you need to transport a vehicle that is not running? No problem!

Arrange your
transport immediately

We take your vehicle to any desired location in Europe. How can we help? Let us know what vehicle it concerns and we will give you a quote. Follow the 5 steps in the quote tool to find out where you stand fast.

Step 1/5: select your vehicle

  • auto
  • motor
  • bus
  • caravan
  • camper
  • trekker
Got a different vehicle? Then contact us.

Location and time

Give us the pick-up and delivery locations for the vehicle. Indicate your desired delivery date. You can also leave the latter blank and we will message you when we deliver your vehicle.

Step 2/5: from A to B

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Vehicle details

Check the measurements in centimetres based on the vehicle you selected. This is important for providing an accurate quote.

Step 3/5: what size?

  • cm
  • cm
  • cm
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Contact details

Step 4/5: How can we contact you?

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Summary and confirmation

Check the details. We will deal with your request once you have sent it. You will receive confirmation of receipt immediately. We will email you a quote by the end of the following working day. Check your spam folder if necessary.

Step 5/5: finally


Recovery, breakdown assistance, or replacement transport?

We know the

Wolves Berging

Wolves special W’s

auto transport porche

Transporting 95 Porsches to their new
destination: nice work!

The assignment: to transport 95 Porsches to their new location in the recently opened Porsche Centrum Deventer. Nice work? Well … we are looking for more colleagues. So check our vacancies and who knows, you could soon be transporting beautiful vehicles such as these.

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